Types Of Online Slot Machines

Online slots are the most important part of any online casino because they the biggest flow of customers. It is not surprising that this area is developing, and sometimes it is even difficult to understand all the variety of online slots. In this article, we will analyze what types of slot machines are and how they differ from each other.

Classic Slots Machines

Classic online slots are reminiscent of land-based casino games – you just need to place a bet and press the lever in them. Most classic slots have 3 reels, fewer paylines than video slots, and simpler bonus rounds. Although depending on the game, the number of reels, paylines, and other parameters may differ, the general well-known style, fruit symbols, and the atmosphere of a retro casino are still present.

Also, there are single-line and multi-line slots that are distinguished by the number of pay lines. As you may have guessed, the first type has only one payline and resembles

retro slots in land-based gambling establishments. The second has from 3 to 1000+

paylines. There is also a group of non-linear slots where the payoff depends solely on different winning combinations.

Video Slots

Online Slot Machines

Video slots can be called a new generation of slot machines. They combine classic mechanics with first-class graphics, animated characters, music, storyline, and more. Usually, 2 or 3 symbols will be enough for you to win in a video slot. Although they must be located in a row, starting from the 1st reel.

Recently, the popularity of video slots at https://masonslots.online/ and other venues has grown tremendously. These games take up the largest space in online casinos’ collections and generate the most revenue for their creators. This is understandable – unlike classic games, video slots are a lot of fun to play!

Progressive Slots

Progressive slots are brand new games that have one main feature – a jackpot-based mechanic. In other words, every time someone plays a progressive jackpot game, the total grows until one lucky person wins the jackpot. Accordingly, the size of the jackpot will depend on how many people play the game.

The founder of the first progressive slots is a famous game developer called Microgaming. By the way, the jackpot of this very company (in the game Mega Moolah) got into the Guinness World Records in 2015. The jackpot was won by a player named Jon Heywood, and the prize reached 17,879,645.12 EUR.

Slots WIth New Mechanics

In addition to the above slot types, there are also recently introduced slot versions. The most popular of them are Megaways slots created in 2016, which stand out for their new game mechanics that improve gameplay tremendously. 

Simply put, the basic principle of the Megaways mechanics is that in each round a special random number generator sets how many symbols will pop up in each reel. In this case, the number of characters in the columns can be the same or different.

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