How to bet on Golf

We always recommend that before betting on a new sport you should know it well. Information is power! And why do we insist so much on this? Because the more we know about it, about the golfers, their style of play, the competitions, etc., the more chances we will have of betting at any bookmaker.

Accumulating knowledge about how particular golfers play and the course layout for a particular tournament is critical in learning how to bet on golf. Some golfers are better suited to certain courses than others, depending on their strengths and weaknesses, and will therefore perform better in different tournaments.

Bubba Watson and Jordan Speith are examples of this, as their game is better suited to longer courses such as Augusta and Quail Hollow because they have a longer driver.

Major Golf Tournaments

Major golf

Let’s take a brief look at some of the most renowned competitions and tournaments in the world to know them perfectly for our golf betting. Knowing the calendar well and marking the major championships in red is essential to bet with knowledge and knowing the differences between each one.

US Open

The American tournament is one of the four major tournaments. It is important that you look for good odds at any of the best bookmakers that we have.

There you can place your golf bets on a wide range of markets, from the first round champion to the outright champion of the tournament.

US Masters

The world famous Masters at Augusta! One of the most iconic tournaments on the golfing planet, who hasn’t dreamt of wearing that legendary green jacket one day? Some of us will have to settle for dressing up in St Patrick’s, it’s as close to green as we’ll ever get!

This, of course, also forms part of one of the four major tournaments on the golfing calendar.

PGA Championship

PGA Winner

This is the last major tournament of the golf season, played annually in mid-August or so. Who hasn’t seen the victories of legendary players like Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus or Rory Mcllroy? Yes, they have been champions and several times too!

It will be a competition that will offer you to bet on a wide range of markets, from the leader of the round to the top ten finishers.

British Open

Yes, it’s the oldest of the four major tournaments – the official home of the sport! With unrivalled prestige, the Open Championship will allow you to bet on rounds, nationality and of course the winner of the match.

Are you ready, are you a golf betting fan like us and do you want to prove it? Go for it, it’s your time!

Ryder Cup

The tournament par excellence in the world of golf. With your heart divided between two continents, who do you support, the American team or the European team? Golfers such as Sergio García and José María Oyarzabal have been part of this great tournament.

On which side of the Atlantic Ocean does your golfing heart lie?


In addition, the scrambling percentage (getting a par or better after missing the GIR) highlights a player’s ability to recover after making a mistake and the statistic on how many times a golfer finishes in the top 10 can be used to assess consistency.

When it comes time to bet on any of the four majors, it will be tremendously important to analyse each player’s form in previous tournaments. These competitions are unique in that players compete under even more pressure than usual.

Now that you know the basics of the sport, you can begin to evaluate how and in what way the various factors influence… and even luck in a golf betting strategy!

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