Casino Refer a Friend: Is it worth the effort?

Having friends can be exhausting. But redeeming a bonus via casino referral is useful and usually brings added value for both sides: for you and for your friend.

Now we reveal to our readers where there is only charity and with which provider friends are really worthwhile.

What is friendship advertising in the online casino?

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The concept of refer-a-friend is known in the English-speaking world as Refer a Friend. This is abbreviated as RAF, although this term is avoided in Germany for obvious reasons.

Refer a Friend BonusIn any case, this is a bonus concept. Incidentally, this does not only exist in online gambling, but is a phenomenon that can be observed in a wide variety of places in the business world.

Generally speaking, one can say: this bonus offer exists because the provider has a benefit from it. It is very similar to the quantity discount: If someone wants to buy a lot, then one can also earn a lot from this customer. To attract this particularly valuable customer, they offer a discount. In the world of online gambling, this is most like a loyalty programme.

Who profits?

If the operator of the online casino did not benefit himself, this form of friendship bonus would not exist. But let’s take a close look at who does benefit from using this offer.

Casino: The casino gets a new player, which always has a certain (theoretical) value for the operator. Instead of spending a lot of money on advertising, the casino gets new players for almost nothing through referrals.

Referring player: The player who refers a new player must already have a player account with the casino. If he brings in a friend as a new player, the referring player is rewarded with a small bonus.

Referred player: The player who brings in a new player can usually also look forward to a reward in the form of a small friendship bonus.

Welcome Bonus Logo Refer a Friend

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Almost every online casino offers a welcome bonus for new players anyway. Does redeeming a friendship bonus mean that you have to forego using the regular offer for new players in return?

That would be pretty bad horse trading and in fact that is not the case. The details vary from provider to provider, but the player referred via a friend will not suffer any disadvantage in the casino.

Conclusion: You can also claim the regular welcome bonus.

How does refer a friend work in the casino?

At first glance, the concept of the friendship bonus seems pretty easy. It is not exactly difficult to carry out friendship advertising in the casino and to collect the bonus. However, there are a few steps and rules you have to follow.

The exact conditions differ depending on the gambling website, but usually include the following points:

  • The referrer must already have an account.
  • The referrer can generate a personal code or send the friend an email via the system.
  • The friend must use the sent link or code for his registration.

Depending on the exact arrangement, the friend must deposit a small amount and play, then the friendship bonus is paid out.

When is the bonus credited?

Some players do not read through the conditions and are then surprised. The expectation that the friendship bonus will be paid out directly when the friend registers then leads to disappointment.

The friend always has to deposit a certain amount into the newly created player account and often also make the first bets. Only then does the friendship referral also trigger a reward.

Bonus conditions

Like every casino bonus, these offers are also subject to certain bonus conditions, which can be found in the small print. These conditions regulate when and under which circumstances the bonuses are activated. You can also read about the turnover conditions.

Friendship bonuses usually come with lower turnover conditions than a welcome offer. After only a few stakes, you can usually withdraw the credit as real money.

Partners and family members

A common question concerns the restrictions of such offers. Can I send my girlfriend a friendship bonus casino offer? Can my brother use my link and give us both a reward, or even my mother?

The answer to this question is not entirely clear, but it is quite simple: Only one player account per household is allowed with pretty much all providers. The relationship to each other is completely irrelevant.

The rule that only one account per household is allowed is primarily aimed at the use of welcome bonuses. In principle, you would have to make sure that you don’t both open an account with the same provider while living together.

On the one hand, of course, this is done via the address that is given, but not only. And with an address, it is sometimes the case that it is a hall of residence. You have nothing to do with the other tenants.

In order to disguise the fact that you live in a household, you could add an arbitrary suffix like room 37 or something similar to your address.

However, this would be illegal and only one account per IP address is allowed. So if you use the same internet, it doesn’t work or it’s against the rules.

As long as you don’t live together (and use the same internet), you can also make common cause with your brother or girlfriend. In this case, the use of friendship advertising is not a problem and is even expressly desired.

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