Online casino tricks – these tips still work in 2021

When wanting to win at the online casino, certain online casino tricks should be used. The tips and tricks to win are to play slots that have a high RTP and are known to be good.

In addition, the bet should be kept low so that the chances are higher that free spins can be achieved. Also, games that have a high RTP ( Return To Player) should be played.

Choose a reputable and safe casino

Reputable and safe online casinos are important for the fact that they definitely pay out the money that is possibly won. Also, the most reputable casinos usually have the highest RTP % on slots, as online casinos can decide how high the RTP should be on individual slots. Usually there are three to five RTP% for a slot from the provider to choose from and the online casino can pick which one they use for their casino. That is why sometimes the RTP of slots differ depending on the online casino.

Learn the rules of the game

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Before playing a slot machine, make sure that the rules of the game, the RTP and the maximum possible win (for example 5000x the bet) are known to the player. In addition, there are slots that work differently than conventional slots and the way of playing is also clearly different and sometimes requires important actions from the player. To some extent, this also applies to jackpot games, as these only extremely rarely give the jackpot to a player and therefore it would make more sense to rather avoid these games.

Consider strategies

Before playing for money at an online casino, the player should consider a strategy and tricks to achieve a possible win. For example, if a player has a sum of 100 dollars to play with, he could first keep the stake very low and if this does not lead to any winnings, increase the stake and play more riskily. Of course, this could also be done the other way round, first with a high stake and then with a low stake.

Use bonus or free spins

A good trick is to play with a bonus or free spins, as this increases the chances of making a profit that can be made without wagering real money. There are no risks and if a big win is made, the money only has to be wagered x times and can then be used as real money. This is well known as most players make a big profit from a bonus.

Further tips

Another tip and trick is to play at only one online casino, as online casinos give privileges to players after a certain time. For example, they get a cashback on weekly deposits, extra bonuses that are very generous or sometimes even free spins that are without turnover requirements. The more chances this creates to play, the higher the chance that a player will win.

Online casino tricks for slot machines

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An important tip is to play slots with high RTP’s, which are also recommended by other players. For example, it has its reasons that those games like Book of Dead, Jammin’ Jars, Dead or Alive 2, etc. are played a lot and are among the most popular slots. Before playing a slot, it should be made clear how the slot works, what it possibly pays and what the exact rules are. In addition, opinions from other casino enthusiasts should be obtained and read up on. The more positive experiences players have had with the slot, the better the game usually is.

Online casino tricks when playing at the tables

There are different strategies for live casino at tables with dealers, all of which have their advantages and disadvantages. For example, a very simple tactic could be used in roulette, which in theory always leads to success. If a player bets 1 dollar on black in roulette and a red number comes up, then the player simply has to bet 2 dollars on black in the next round. If another red number or the green zero comes up, then 4 dollars on black and on and on. At some point, a black number must actually come up and if it does, the player receives a win. However, this is only possible if there is enough money and if this strategy is allowed by the casino.

What are the games with the best chances of winning?

The games with the highest odds are Ugga Bugga from Playtech with an RTP of 99.07%, which is extremely high. Most slots have an RTP between 92-97%. RTP means Return to Player and means that over several million spins, the slot distributes 9x % of the amounts taken in back to the players. However, it may be that one player gets 70% of this and the others only the remaining 20+%.

Other games with high RTPs are Ooh Aah Dracula by Barcrest with 99%, 1429 uncharted Seas by Thunderkick with 98.60%, Jokerizer by Yggdrasil with 98%, and so on. However, the RTPs may differ depending on the online casino.

Online Casino Jackpots

In some online casinos, slots can be played with a jackpot. In theory, it is very unlikely that a player will win a high jackpot, as a lot of people play these games, but if it should really happen, the player is even more pleased. Moreover, jackpot games can be played with very low stakes and still there is a chance to win an extremely high prize. In most online casinos, jackpot games are explicitly displayed and they are not legal to play in every country.

Is there any way to manipulate the games in an online casino?

There is no way to manipulate games in an online casino. Neither the player himself nor the casino has any influence on the individual slots, as they are controlled by the provider. If a provider brings out a slot, but then they notice that the game pays out too much profit, then they can simply change the game so that the payouts are lower. Of course, this is done transparently by the providers and the information is given in the slot. A player has no influence on the games and has to hope for his luck.

Online Casino Tricks: Conclusion When it comes to winning in an online casino, a player can use a few little tricks and strategies that could lead him to possible success. Whether these work ultimately depends entirely on the luck of the player, but with such a strategy or two, the player can increase his chances of luck and thus of winning.

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