Beginner tips for gamblers

Poker requires knowledge, luck and strategy.

The curiosity is great and the offer seems to be even greater. We are talking about gambling on the internet, which continues to increase its market presence. The group of those who are advocates of offline gambling is joined by more and more supporters of online offers who register in one or even several casinos and hope to win big there. And then there is another group, the group of the curious who would like to test but are deterred by the multitude of offers and the confusing details that seem to await in the field of online gambling. For those very people there is now the following guide with many useful and practical tips.

1. Choice of game: slots, table games, poker and specialities

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Basically, the following rule applies: In the casino there is a lot of choice, in the online casino there is more. In the ranks of slot games, reel slots, fruit machines, number line slots, cascading, multiplier and all kinds of slot variations are the most popular. Table games include blackjack, roulette and poker – and all in different game variations. Of course, the online casino must be chosen according to what is fun and what can ideally bring profits. At this point, gamblers always make the decision as to whether they want to bring their own skills to the table (as is the case with poker, for example, where the rules of the game must be known) or whether it should be purely a matter of passing the time with the help of a game of chance.

2. Fall soft in the first jump: Demo versions, bonuses and co.

To learn the terminology of the world of online gambling, we recommend providers with demo versions or those that do not charge a deposit for registration.

There are already encyclopaedias that deal with the most important casino terms, which also indicates that it is quite difficult to find your way around the online casino right away. For practice, professionals therefore recommend using an online casino with a demo version. This requires registration, which usually involves a request for name and age and the decision on payment methods, but it is not about money for the time being. This helps in the beginning to find one’s way in the no less dazzling online casino world.

An alternative to the demo variant is the new registration without deposit, which is often advertised as a free bonus for the casino. What this means is quickly explained: new customers are not required to make a deposit. Either the casino offers the new customer a starting credit as a welcome gift or the player is credited with free spins. The respective details can be checked in the online comparison.

3. Anyone can win, but casinos have a “house advantage”.

Winning and losing is decided by the software, which cannot be manipulated. However, the amount of the so-called house advantage, which is always on the side of the casino, can be adjusted.

Winnings and losses are decided by the software, which cannot be manipulated. However, the amount of the so-called house advantage, which is always on the side of the casino, can be adjusted.

The principle is very simple, but is all too often misunderstood or simply not realised in the heat of the moment: The player places a bet, the casino counters it. Whoever wins receives the (initially virtual) money. First and foremost, luck decides which of the two parties wins. In card games, skill, strategy and ability are also required. However, what makes the casino itself the luckiest has even a name. In technical jargon, it is called “bank advantage” or “house advantage”, which also means that it secures the economic existence of a casino.

Incidentally, this is the case both with the offline casino and with the online casino. The advantage that the casino has in order to be able to operate as a business is regulated with the help of payout percentages, which, by the way, are rather unfavourable for the player in the offline casino. Since in a real casino both the premises and their operation and the employees have to be paid, the real casino has to shift the payout percentages to the disadvantage of the gamblers. There are also differences in online casinos, which should be compared in advance.

4 Discipline and self-control as decisive factors

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Right from the first click in the online casino, two qualities must make up the online gambler: Discipline and self-control. This means that a clear structure can help to mentally protect oneself from the dangers of gambling addiction. Becoming aware of the gambling component is an important start in this context. Controlling what is gambled, for how long and for how much stake also belongs in the chapter of discipline and self-control.

In addition, it is of course permissible to explore and absorb strategies as well as tips and tricks related to gambling, but the understanding of the unpredictability of a winning outcome should remain firmly anchored in the mind. There is basically no guarantee – no matter how good the professional tip sounds or what calculations were aimed for in advance.


Instead of dealing with dangerous half-truths in the area of tips and tricks around online gambling, mental strength should be optimised. Self-control can be trained, for example also in the context of a professional activity and the buoyant walk up the career ladder.

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