Fast payout at online casinos: Yes, but with caution

Online gambling is revolutionising the market and attracting countless players to their laptops and mobile devices. Those who play conscientiously always have a good time in online casinos. You should also be able to take a loss – it’s all the nicer when a small or larger win is achieved. It is important never to become overconfident and also to keep an eye on player safety: We recommend never playing without a set budget, doing a background check on the operator and checking the deposit and withdrawal methods as well as transaction times to have the best and safest gaming experience.

Identification is mandatory


Especially in the case of high payout requests, players can expect to have to undergo an identity check. This verification is also obligatory for casino operators, it has a similar status as compliance with the Money Laundering Act. However, the player does not have to be afraid of the verification, for the most part the process is completed quickly. The casino only asks for a few personal documents, including a copy of an ID and proof of address. If you want to avoid delays in the payout, it is best to have the relevant documents ready. There is no definitive answer to how long the verification process takes. At some online casinos, the player waits only a few hours, but sometimes the process can take two or three days.

Caution with active bonus credit

Regardless of whether you are new to the world of gambling or an old hand: most online casino players like to take advantage of bonus offers. Meanwhile, they come in all shapes and colours: Some players prefer free spins, while others are more interested in free credits, free bets or deposit bonuses. In principle, there is nothing against using such offers, although the player cannot win a fortune with them. Most of the time, they are rather nice teaser offers that allow for longer gaming fun. The maximum payout amount for bonuses is also usually quite low, which additionally prevents high winnings.

The bonus balance also plays a role with regard to the withdrawal request. A bonus must usually be wagered x times in the casino before the credit is released. If you request a payout prematurely, the bonus will be forfeited and with it all winnings that the player may have already generated. An important tip with regard to a quick payout is therefore: It is worth taking a look at the active bonus balance and can prevent unpleasant surprises.

Always keep an eye on the budget


You might think that with a few simple tips and tricks, every player in the online casino would easily become a millionaire. In truth, however, it is only reserved for a few lucky players to actually be able to deal with high payout requests. As with the withdrawal, it is therefore important to exercise caution when making a deposit. The player should not only consider which payment service can be used to deposit and withdraw, but also always play with a fixed budget. For example, one can set a weekly or monthly limit that should not be exceeded. Online casinos offer good tools for this, which make it impossible for the player to exceed a set limit.

For this purpose, it is also advisable to choose a payment provider where it is easy to keep track. Those who deposit with the Paysafecard, for example, have a better overview than a player who repeatedly deposits by credit card. The Paysafecard is indeed a popular means of payment in online casinos. It cannot be used for payouts, but here the player can easily switch to another suitable payment method.

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