We Bet You Haven’t Heard Of These Facts About Casinos!

Do you want to find out more about BetChan Online Casino and the gambling market in general? Tired of reading about the same facts over and over again? Then take a closer look at our today’s summary of the top-notch facts we bet you haven’t heard of! 

Online Casinos Are Growing Fast!

The online gambling industry is developing rapidly. The profits of international online casinos may soon catch up with the income of offline gambling corporations. For example, residents of Cyprus spend 2.5 billion euros a year on playing in virtual casinos. Not bad, right?

Lotteries Are More Popular Than Poker!

Surprisingly, lotteries are still popular. Many online casinos regularly organize lottery draws, attracting thousands of customers, and, according to statistics, these shows are much more popular than other gambling games. More specifically, virtual gambling venues receive more than half of all income (about 55-57%) from them.

Luckiest Guy Ever!

FedEx Corporation is an American company providing postage, courier, and other logistics services around the world. FedEx’s freighter fleet is one of the largest in the world with 600+ aircraft as of April 2009. Not many, however, are aware that this successful company was on the brink of bankruptcy in the 1970s! The company only had $ 5,000 in the box office when Friedrich Smith, the company’s founder, decided to fly to Vegas in 1973 and risk it all. While it’s not a good investment (never do as he did!) Smith’s game paid off, allowing the company to last long enough to raise $ 11 million and eventually make its first profit in 1976.

Richard Nixon’s Gambling Experience


It may sound weird, but Richard Nixon owes his career directly to the game of poker. Before Nixon became a politician, he was a card sharp. In 1945, he overplayed his friends and won about three thousand dollars. Yes, today this amount may look pretty ordinary, but it was a lot of money several decades ago. So, Nixon invested this money in the election campaign, which allowed him to become a congressman in 1846 and, as a result, a 37th president of the USA.

Gambling At Home Is The Best Option

Scientists have found out that online casino players tend to feel much better and get tired less than players in land-based venues. The fact is that a relaxed home atmosphere makes the game process more attractive and calm. In addition, a player does not need to travel anywhere to play his favorite gambling games. All that is needed for this is a computer with the Internet. This is what explains the increase in the popularity of online casinos in recent years. Many experts predict a radical change in the gambling industry in 5-10 years, and in particular: a global increase in the online segment.

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