Moonshot and reverse Martingale strategies for our pro

“Moonshot” – The ultimate all-in strategy with IGT slot games

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  • Volatility: Extreme
  • Payout rate of the game system: Very high (93% – 96%)
  • Game duration: Very short

This is the craziest and most volatile strategy I have found among all casino games. It is comparable to betting “all-in” on a number in roulette…. only more volatile.

Here’s how it works:

Some slots produced by IGT allows you to place a huge bet on a single payline. First you have to reduce the number of paylines to one and then you can set the bet on that line to the maximum value allowed. In some slots, this value can be $100.


A $100 bet on a single payline in the “Diamond Queen” slot game can win you between $500 and $100,000.

As a result, in this game you will either have lost your entire gambling budget in just a few games, or you will collect quite nice winnings that will range from “nice” to “legendary”.

You remember, right? The less you bet overall, the higher the payout rate of your gambling strategy. Here’s how this gambling strategy works. If you go “all-in” (“all on one card”) and leave the game with a win, then the payout rate of your game strategy is equal to the payout rate of the game. In the case of “Diamond Queen”, the RTP (according to the game’s paytable) is between 92.97% and 96.08%. In the case of “Cleopatra”, it is around 95%.

So statistically, your solo spin session would only cost $ 5- $ 7 (in the long run). The rest is eventually paid out to those winners who follow the same strategy.

I have found three slot games that support this strategy: “Diamond Queen”, “Wolf Run”, and “Cleopatra”. “Cleopatra” offers the highest possible win – 10,000 times the stake. I would still choose “Diamond Queen” as this game seems more balanced.

There are 3 things to always remember with this strategy

The IGT slot games always limit the maximum win to $ 250,000, which means that if you bet $ 100 on a single payline in “Cleopatra”, you risk getting only $ 250,000 instead of the possible win of $ 1,000,000.

Don’t risk a big win in a casino that can’t afford to actually pay you out. Only use this strategy in the big casinos with monthly earnings of more than $1 million.

Never exceed your initial gambling budget. Play, but when your budget is used up, then it should and must be over! Important: Never use this strategy if you have had any gambling addiction problems in the past!

If you really dared and had the guts to risk this strategy and you really managed to bag a big win, please let me know. I will then share your story with others.

P.S.: I plan to recreate “Diamond Queen” to calculate the odds for the different ways of winning.

“Reverse Martingale” – reinvest in the winning strategy

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  • Volatility: High
  • Payout rate of the game system: High
  • Duration of game: Variable

The “reverse Martingale” is a good playing strategy if your favourite slot game does not have a doubling feature. Do you know the playing strategy in roulette called the “Martingale”? The “reverse Martingale” does exactly the opposite.

The “Martingale” strategy says that you double your bet after every loss. The idea behind this is that you have to win back all your previous bets that you lost before. But in reality, your bets grow exponentially. You risk your entire gambling budget – and maybe even more – just to win back your original bet. If you use the Martingale strategy over and over again, sooner or later you will eventually go completely broke.

The “reverse Martingale” has a conceptually completely different basic idea. At the beginning, you only play with small stakes in order to bet the entire profit in the next round. You pursue this goal until you have won high enough. This strategy is similar to the “smart player” strategy, but here we do not have a doubling strategy.


You start with $ 100 game budget and have a bet of $ 0.10. After 15 rounds you suddenly win $ 4.41 in one game. After this win you bet the highest possible amount provided for in this strategy. In this case $ 4.40. If you have lost this high stake in the next game, then you start playing with the original stake of $ 0.10 again. And if you win again in one of the other games – for example $ 35, then you bet the whole $ 35 again in the next game. If you lose again, then start again with $ 0.10 in the next game round. Now follow this strategy until you have won the amount that satisfies you and you can stop. If this is not the case, you will have lost your entire gaming budget.

If the winnings you want to wager exceed the maximum bet of a slot game, then continue by wagering the maximum bet. But be careful not to spend more than you won in the previous round. Otherwise, you will lose most of your budget and you will shorten your playing time considerably.

The “reverse Martingale” has a slightly lower volatility and a lower payout rate than the “smart player” strategy. The advantage, however, is that you can use any slot game and not just those that have a doubling feature.

You can use any slot game in the “reverse Martingale” strategy. You can’t with any of the other strategies mentioned above.

And besides, the playing time is predictable and you can easily calculate it from your playing budget and your base bet.

Play time = (your game budget / base bet) x 1.30 x 4 (seconds)

However, the winning amount is less predictable than with the “smart player strategy”, but is more predictable than with the “casual player” strategy or the “moonshot” strategy.

The “reverse martingale” strategy does not work well for “high rollers” as they very often already play with the maximum stakes in the slot games.

Tips for the “reverse Martingale” strategy

When you make a win with your original bet, note your current balance (even before the win is credited to your account). This will help you make the right calculations so that you never exceed your subsequent bets. This will give you a feel for the small initial stakes.

Also, if at all possible, select only one payline. This increases the volatility in your favour.

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